My name is Mona Smith, I am an artist / designer living in Los Angeles and am originally from the East Bay Area¬†–¬†near Berkeley + Oakland. I am half Irish and half Korean (one of the first questions people ask me).


1. ANP Quarterly portrait, 2016.


2. Lo-fi meets high flying hopes in this image I created to commemorate the launch of CONCEALED ORIGIN. It features my passport photo and me spreading the good word about the black folder.



3. The above two images are from my READ OR DIE zine, 2016. I made the former image because our society has taught women to constantly question whether we appear fat or not, no matter how big or small we are. It’s been ingrained in our heads since birth to do this since the standards of beauty have been made so unrealistic for women. I am certainly not immune to this action and took this selfie recently to check if my romper was making me look “fat.” After I realized how ridiculous I was being, I remembered this motto from the original riot girrrls days and decided I should apply it to myself. The latter image was made to contain nods from each concept of the zines I have made thus far.

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